Friday, November 13, 2009

Tomar sai sesh norom thoter chowa jano ajo khugi ami,

Sai chummoner gobirotto thake ajo barote parini ami,

Sei joriye dora bhisash,bola ami to achi,

Akhon sudhu boktetai porinito hoye roye gache,

Roilam sudhu ami,akha ami.....................

Tomar pothey adhar raate ghyarbe jochon raatro kalo,

Durey holeo dake niyo,kano se obhuj holeo tar atha bhallo,

Thakbo se duroto te lagam chara simanathe,

Bibosh hawa boibe abar, niye amai sash thikanate......

Ek beyrtho bisash tumi,

Moner kone akhono lukiye acho,

Charodigkher beshto jamon bhalobasha bhule gacho,

Gobirmoney choto ekti asha bachey ache,

Tai bhabi aye mritor birey tumi je manush,

Hoiitoba etai bhuley acho..................................

I hope someday i will see the dawn light,When you will open your shut doors to see piles of messages unread,sent from my heart randomly........................

For the wanted laugh i crawled so long,

Devils fought in me while they come around,

To the best of me she sold the soul,

How a aweful kick that has find its goal........

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Nai ami-ami nai

Nei sai dhudha dowa sakal aar nai,

Nai sai misti hawar sar aar nai,

Nai  sai fuller bora pata,

Nai sai bristi bora mater buk dhorey hata,

Nai sai ratro jaga nijum gaan,

Nai sai hoihullur bondhuder sathe,

Nai sai misti bora premer kotha,

Nai sai modhobrithi jibon katar kotha,

Kao nai na kothayo kayo nai,kache na durey,

Nai ko sathi bolay chobey sathey,

Nai kono prokar sai sothota aar nai,

Hoyto tomare jonno sai ami aar nai,,,,,,,,,,

Aral koray raykho,

Tomar achol gharah ridhoy,

Apon monay haysso tumi,

Ghodolir rang matano samay.......

Galloping with speed against time,

Me trying to search the ultimate light,

My capricious mind tighttening its grip,

Leaving me helpless on the times shore..........

Holding those wild gallows of truth,

I am burning in solitude,

Being unable to bear my nudity,

Running away from life towards death.

Succumb to anger i loose my vision,

Topping my vessel with hate and violence.

Restricting my need and hunger for conclution,

Still creeping inch by inch towards making of it....

Forever be mine which it was said,

Had pathetically fallen and fainally betrayed,

Endless talk of faith now had lost its colour,

Falling apart like a button of kollar.

My holy spirit want to be wild,

Now poison turned medicine killing me mild,

Mist and fog has taken plce as usual,

Assuring someday it will unveil the hidden cover.

On an endless walk i am,

Nurturing the feeling of loneliness,

Holding the broken thinks in my heart,

Walking down the wide lane of memory.

Betrayal and jealousy has streeped upon me,

Now enemy is my friend and friend is an enemy,

Vital she wins with her crooked deals,

Leaving me banged on my door with result withheld..

What if i do the don'ts,

What if i let the evil to succeed,

What if i supress my feeling,

What if i take the advantage of care and support,

What if i kill my inocence,

What if i betray my heart,

What if i stop pondering and start to act,

What if i ignore the visible truth,

What if i .........................................

Obesssion has hold around,nothing remained untouched,

Everything so submerged and flaten,

negociation with mind falling pathetically over my own existence.

Between do's and don'ts i got caught,

I do exist but still it seems without my real being.

When the matter of survival haunts me,

I try to break free and bring my existence to death,

But whom to convience one's own mind or soul.......

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Those eyes where so precious and beautiful,

That i admired everyday with love and care,

I judged the truthness with ease and comfort,

I knowingfully drowned self in it,.....I swear........

Night sweet night please make me sleep,

With the un forgotten memories take me dip,

On your qwn mysteries of love and care,

Take me,just take me we can together meet..................

Every faith have been played out by time,

Destined to betrayed the soul with witt,

I am privelaged now to desugn my death again asusal,

Though many undone things still left back to be done.......

The world seems sane to me as i feel insane,

Now every feeling is a happy one with exact meaning,

I feel pity at night when beggers and dogs roam aimless to find a stop,

In what a world i am living where solution is just to harm against harm.......

For those blue eyes i pained so long,

Devil stabbed my heart for the guilt so strong,

She betrayed my trust and sold my soul,

How aweful now is life i think without its goal......

Ruining self for my beloved soul,

I still strife-torn in pain for my only sin,

Emotionally upheral and tormented everytime,

I am just waiting my death to take me home.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Sanity has some other name as we known before,

Now emotions has got out and only broken shell where found,

Now human run for money with even no trust on themselves,

Only death remains in this dead city floating every where keeping lots in store......

Everyday inumerable times i plan my death,

For every cause that being so cruel by nature,i must have said,

Every thirsty dream wanred blood to quench its thirst,

For every mistake that i must have done i got the same,

Again being ruined by the same again and again.....

I cant see you face but can feel the smile,

I cant see your eyes but can feel the light.

I cant see you lips but can smell the essence,

I now i cant get you but i can still love you until i die....

Oh my suffering soul for the unsaid cause,

Tell my mistakes and negligible flows,

Forgive me please for my only sin ,

Please give me back i way i have been.

It  been a long time you have been walking alone,

No passerby whom you can say your own,

With no destination where you hope,you will stop,

Just walking lonely for the battle you have to fought.......

Being put to misery you,crawling for so long,

I admire your admiration and hpoe that so strong,

Fooling your pain you always put a smile on your face,

I pray from heart and soul that god bestow u with all his bless...........

What a complete mystery she is no one knows,

Giving a touch of care suddenly she goes,

waiting in belive the one who cried in heart,

Was now left forover in a lonely sea shore.

In the dark of carkness i saw a shivering light,

Fourtune fough within where i got almost blind,

Suddenly someone with hope took my hand and said i m there,

But then again put me to dwell in that shaggy dark sight........

Roaming aimless so long i ventured for truth,

Taking my scattered memories forwarding foot by foot,

Time again and again tried to put me in chains,

Fate laughed as destiny played the game that i couldnot understood.

I can see the pain that everyday you die,

crawling in the curse you still survive,

Talking pleasure out of unbearable pain it seems,

Everyday to try to play with your oweful life.

You are an unseen beauty that no one knows,

With golden het that can never be sold,

Your strength of truth will ashame the god,

Your spirit ti live can bloom flower ina draught.

Undone sin that you carrying for so long,

I ponder with pity how you still singing the song,

Hoping against hope you marched towards destiny,

you are fighter,though struggling to keep me on and on.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Chol re abar mathey nami,

kalbo chokchoke roggin khala,

Jokon hobey hatta tditti aar golpogujor mela,

Chutey giye bijbo shukey,

Paley bristir pala,

Shasshay hasay khaley bari firbo,

Sash hole beyla...........

Tomar deywa sash upohar niye cholchi,

Ashai bristi niye abar asbey chole,

Ek nobo olankarhin poth bachey niyeche,

Sritir chapp muchtey parbo na boley........

Ek kach bondo frameyer madhomik chobi hoye gachi,

Oshofol shritir nistobdho  chitkarey,

Otirikto jontronai ovisopto jebon,

Kono darshonik obiigotor ashay klanto pothik...............

Akash nijum pakhi bari firchey,

Niye tar sopno ranga din gulo,

Nistobhdotar araley ondhokar kalo mitiya jache,

Tar bari firrar sash poth gulo,

Ashar protik duto dana jamon aar melte parchena,

Andho monay tobuyo poth chinar vaan korchey.......

Doomed into the valley of betrayal,

I was questioned for my lost world,

Backstabbed by my faith and trust,

Now i walk insane with my lonliness......

Mithey jabey khosto dhuko ektu tomar aalto chowyai,

Niye monorong bhukeyer machey bash cholechi  norobotai,

Raatro amari sathi je dulche pagla hawai,

Tomar hito porinoto bhalobasar sas sakkhorotai........

I met you everyday with a profound tale of sadness,

Where end came to dreams and turned towards madness,

Where she planted thorns instead of roses and truthness,

What a oweful heart and mind,that have losen now there senses.......

Fun has just began as my ceremony of death finally ended,

Love has braked the sackels as found to be offended,

My parrot of faith been disheartened have flied and surrended,

What a tradegy came without being reminded......

Aaj abar eche hoche tor sathe choli,

Du hathe cigrette puray poth hata,

Adhunik jukti tokhe mathal hoye ganja tana,

Koto raat mayer bukey dujonete akhash chawa,

Ki aar lagbo tomai ,dujoner je aaj poth ta baka.........

Aaj mathal hoye chure falaychi poth cholar sikha baki,

Khujte khujte paye niyachi ak bigoto jug purono chabi,

Jar ghovirote bondho chilo ek khudro moner prani,

Jamon pit firay somoy hasay bollo,bosey thak chutmarani........ 

Chiray akhash badol pathey aaj tumi ami,

Je poth bulay che hotey pari tumi ami,

Pother ara bolay je dure soreche hote pari tumi ami,

Je mayai jolepure khoto hoyeche hotey pari ami ba..............

Khibhabay samoy graskorchay poth kay,

Jamon shobai pathor hoye jachay,

Sosta adhunikotar prochare lupto bichar,nijeke khuje barache,

Posha pakhi gulo niribitai sudhu chitkar korey jache,

Maan aar huss aykay dure sorey jache,

Prithibi kadhche,aami jani prithibi khadche.......

For the unsaid cause,she left vthe game,

Devils patrified to heard the same,

From the battleground that grew the pain,

Deserted everything just to build the fame,

Now its all the same,just all the same......

Being based on truth i cried for you,

Destiny betrayed me without a single clue,

Then the devils came to kill that grew,

Finally my hope ended by a simple true.....

Love borns when two souls meets,

Walking together through lonely streets,

Measuring future with up hill feets,

Careing when one weeps.

Ek shari jotbade lalforiner dol,gurgur kore jamon shondaimiley jache,

Unmaad ridoy aar pagol moan niye bari firay jache,

Gopon kalo adhar ratey,moner kone sriti bosey kadhche,

Khalar putul jamon banghe gache sotter cholonate.......

Mono tane attohara jute prithibi,matal nesai chole jache,

Aar antohin klanto poth bayrthotai buk kure khache,

Jebon tobu chole jache,sudhu chole jache..........

Friday, June 5, 2009

Moan chaye tomar pasey daraie aaj abar,

abar daraie tomar bondho monar dharey,

daraie tomar pothayar kata gulo soriya dithey,

daraie  tomar nishobdota ke chirey faltey........

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

For the said cause i was done,

caught to fullfill the do's and don'ts,

agreed to pursue my pain and agony,

i am down here to perish and decay......

Ekti nisobhdo sobdayar kachay bosey achi,

bosey achi ek ochana dakkey suntay,

ek obak monay gobhirotay takiya,

niya tomar monay monay lakka chiti gulo......

Monday, May 4, 2009

Tomay dilam

kichu na bola kotha,

kichu na gaowa gaan,

kichu na paowar onuvuthi,

amar bichino aatmo somman.

sob tomai dilam..........

kichu akash bora megh,

kichu bristi dowa sakal,

kichu ridhoy ghara smriti,

kichu amar obsor bikal,

sob tomay dilam..............

With rapid speed my sorrows following me,

digging my pained heart more than before,

tooting and yelling for love with helpless eyes i am,

acumulating the remains on the times shore.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

khuchroo din ghunchi kichu mithay oporadhay,

bosay achi akhono sai path firar ghatay,

bosay achi akhanto aghunay joltay,

achi bosay akmona batha soitay.

Jhora asha

Saathe cholbo bolai, cholte parini,

monay thakbo bolay,moan purthay parini,

piray asbey amar sopnar machay chupi koray,

sai asha tuku doray rakhtay parini

Monday, April 20, 2009

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Monay poray purono dinayr kotha,

naa bola sai govhir batha,

haath bariyay jay poth chayay achay,

poth bhular aakranto bhoyay.

Akash kichu bolchay amay,

ami kan patay achi,

mayghayr sur aar bristir gaanay

moan bulay achi,

shritir taanay akranto aye ridoy,

hoyto kono din bolbo moaner kotha

aye asha doray achi.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

jumm jumm porbay thali
aamar santho aakash
ami dabo pari
jabo firay sai akhanto monay chutti gona din gulitay
jabo firay
firay jabo sas ojana a...

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Monay rakho sai nibir akash

rakho monay sai sokal dhowa batas

monay rakho sai sona bhora para

rakho monay sai bondho monar kotha

monay rakho sai magar bora brishti

rakho monay sai mukh choya misti

monay rakho sai aanmona kotha

rakho monay sai sash bukayr batha.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Bayrup akhriti dora zibon fashi kheye aache
ekhono dekhbay bole poth cheye aachey
mon borey aasha niye meghla aakash
fake matte sudhu sudhu bristi korey jache

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Lutt ja ye dil mohabbat ke naam
bekasoor zindagi badnaam shaam
baybaas najrosay takki huyi raatein
merey andhiyarey rahey tere naam

Saturday, February 28, 2009

Desperate in mind i meet destiny

unfolding my weapons of dream

gulping my pain and sorrow

fowarding to demolish the devil within

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Godhulir rangay modu bhora

maa kolayniye nio du haath chara

par korey dao ayee andhokar nizum raat

koro par aaye zibon, dhorey haath

Flawless victory will come to me
unbinding my spirit from body
inbuilt happiness confused with reality
blotting my ink of forgiveness
Raised to the ocassion I visualise death
trying to fade my visibility, destinty interrupts
overtaking my innocence,
ignorance comes subtle
shaking my inner world to break the jinx