Sunday, January 17, 2010


Its about a kid named 'jamana',what a name,it stress u 2 think and ponder who might have given him that name but i found it right or rather appropiate as i known about him.'Jamana'- a six year old kid studing in class I in my school,i.e "Royal International School" where i teach.He is very active and sharp,very naughty and sometimes sweet faced with full of mischiefs inside.Every teacher loves him,though he do lots of mischiefs all the time roaming,jumping,doing everything accept studing,still the teachers dont bit him, even if someone scolds sometimes,the next moment they used to kiss him and make him happy to see his smilling face always.The main thing that i want to share is that his tragedy or fate.he lives in hostel,he staying here since he was 3 years old.his parents left him their and dont even bother to come or visit him.they sent money and every other thing needed.He dont know what is mothers love and care of a family.His family has some problems too as far heard,but anywaz thats their personal issues.Just think of that child who having parents,have abundence money still straying away.what the sin he had committed for which he is here.The most interesting part is that the teachers and staffs,wardarns,other students all used to call him or rather tease him by saying"Jamana badal gaya,jamana badal gaya,kaise badal gaya" how true it is.yes,the world has changed and changing every moment,every time.Human emotions have no value or place,they are selled in this world's market and bargained with money and status.Everyone turning into a machine and also forcing others too to be change like them or to be one of them,just to survive abit more,to keep pace in the race and the madness,to be abit more in these so called'Humane' world ands society,to make a mark in these ending civilisation.............

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  1. good post!!!nice human interest theme.... I wish you can write more about the world, the place, the people and their problems more on these platform.... it was really nice and quite well written.... just tc of the spellings bro....keep walking!!!